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Depil system ago - epilation

Depil system ago - epilation   Beauty devices
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It is a device for electro-epilation by means of short waves at Radiofrequency, which allows the needle, inserted in the follicle, to emit a current of high intensity for a fraction of a second, burning it.

It is an electro-epilation device by means of short radiofrequency waves that through a functional handpiece allows to introduce a very thin and disposable needle into the hair follicle and to emit a high intensity current, for fraction of a second, with the purpose of coagulating the hair bulb (flash method).

Once this goal has been achieved, the hair is no longer retained and is removed from its housing with the help of a simple tweezers.

Electro-epilation with Depil System Ago is carried out by means of a thermolysis current that destroys the germinative cells of the hair, exploiting the heat developed by the electric current to cause the necrosis of the hair bulb and the consequent removal of the hair.

The thermolysis current is controlled by means of a small button on the needle holder handpiece supplied with the appliance.

Depil System Ago is equipped with an electronic timer to set the duration in minutes of the electro-epilation treatment and is suitable for men and women, on circumscribed areas of the body and on all skin phototypes.

It is a progressively definitive hair removal method that can also be applied to melanin-free hair. Handpiece equipped with a button to deliver the thermolysis current.

Electronic timer to set the treatment time in minutes.

Fast, safe and effective hair removal using a thin, sterile and disposable needle.

Power supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 25x24x7 cm
Net weight: 4 Kg
Fuses: 2 x 500 mAT
Maximum output power: 250 Vpp at 2780 KHz
Timer: 0-99
Maximum consumption: 30 Watts

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