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Antiaging day cream 250ml

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anti aging

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Anti- aging treatment The treatment designed for mature skin with visible wrinkles, excessively dry, rough, matte, and lacking elasticity. Purpose: To stimulate natural skin processes slowed down by age. To provide intensive moisturizing treatment of the epidermis and of the deeper layers of the skin. Benefits: Visibly smoothed out wrinkles. Effectively improved skin firmness and tone. Analyses damages at the cells level, rebuilds internal structure of the dermis and gently tightens the skin. Activates synthesis of III and IV collagen, strengthens elastin fibres. Reduces deep and surface wrinkles and SPF 12 effectively helps to prevent photoaging of the skin.

Key ingredients: Vitamin E , Ursolic acid , Sweet almond proteins , Provitamin B5 (D-Panthenol) , Photo-stable UV filters , Oligopeptides (micro-collagen) , Active anti-aging base

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