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Maystar is a renowned luxury cosmetics brand with an extensive product range designed to meet its customers’ every skincare need. By combining the research done by the Maystar Lab and the knowledge and expertise of our skincare team, we’ve created a series of exquisite beauty care experiences and rituals that transport body and mind to a sensuous state of well-being. Every one of our skin-pampering and care treatments is based on meticulously developed protocols that draw on latest-generation techniques and cosmetics. They all share the same aim — to keep skin looking healthy, well cared for and full of vitality. The distinctive treatment customers receive at authorized Maystar Centres is the key to our luxuriously sensuous beauty care experience. “Our brand is our promise, excellence our guiding principle” Maystar is committed to: Health and well-being, encapsulated by a healthy appearance and lifestyle. The environment, minimizing our processes' and services' environmental impact and preserving our natural surroundings. Our partners, helping them achieve a healthy work–life balance and develop their full potential. Mission To create value by providing the best possible product and service. To foster customer identification with the company.

Vision To set a benchmark for innovation and profitability and become a world leader in hair removal and cosmetics products.

Brand: Maystar
body cosmeticscabin productssensory naturemaystarcosmeticsAnti-stretch mark cream with dual action prevents the formation of new stretch marks while at the same time eliminating the old ones thanks to its active healing and regenerative capacity.The Musk Rose oil extract and Oat&..
Professional use only
Brand: Maystar
body cosmeticsproducts for homesensory naturemaystarcosmeticsA moisturising and nourishing bath for the body with a soft and delicate fragrance which offers a pleasant relax. Its semi-fluid and fatless texture blends immediately into the skin, leaving a silky veil of softness on ..
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Brand: Maystar
face cosmeticscaviar therapymaystarcosmeticsDiscover the best kept secret of the sea: the immense regenerative power of the caviar extract. From silk textures, repair, nourish and revitalize the skin, providing elasticity and firmness so you can wear a luxury skin.Great regenerative power N..
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Brand: Maystar
Biphasic eye make-up remover with Caviar Extract, Thermal Water and Hamamelis Water. Contains an extremely high proportion of amino acids, structured peptides, proteins, fatty acids and trace elements, giving it potent repairing and restructuring properties. Suitable for all skin types, particulary ..
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Brand: Maystar
Instant-lift nourishing and firming concentrate rich in amino acids. Fast-acting beauty treatment containing Caviar Extract and vegetable protein complex extracted from Wheat Gluten, Algae and moisturising agents. Lifts and firms your skin in seconds. Stimulates blood circulation, eliminates all sig..
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Brand: Maystar
Caviar Therapy Deluxe CreamNew formula with a pleasant texture. Caviar extract is a complete complex of pure, concentrated marine extracts in tiny globules with a high content of essential amino acids, structural peptides, proteins, essential fatty acids, trace elements and iodine. It has extrao..
Professional use only
Brand: Maystar
face cosmeticscaviar therapymaystarcosmeticsExtraordinary power cocktail to regenerate and reaffirm the skin Ideal forMalnourished, dehydrated and devitalized skins Skins with premature aging Dry skin Ripe skins Skins with flaccidityBenefitsDiscover the best kept secret of the sea: ..
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Brand: Maystar
face cosmeticscaviar therapymaystarcosmetics  Eye contour caviar with triple action, moisturises, reaffirms and fights wrinkles. Moisturises and nurtures the delicate eyes contour with nutrients. Minimises and softens wrinkles and expression lines. It considerably soothes, comforts and adds fl..
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Brand: Maystar
face cosmeticscaviar therapymaystarcosmeticsFormulated from Caviar Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, highly concentrated essential amino acid draining agents, proteins,essential fatty acids, trace elements and iodine, among other ingredients. It has an extraordinarily powerful restructuring ..
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Brand: Maystar
Serum enriched with caviar extract for intensive nourishing and firming.• Powerful regenerative properties• Deeply nourishes and hydrates skin• Firms skin and reinforces its natural protection• Relaxes and creates sense of well-beingHYALURONIC ACID: Effectiv..
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Brand: Maystar
body cosmeticssensory naturemaystarcosmeticsMarine Gel with Seaweed’s extract. The Marine Gel is the perfect vehicle for seaweed´s application. Its richness in mineral salts and elastin’s amino acids give it a reaffirming power which eases the tissue´s el..
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Brand: Maystar
face cosmeticsessential line bodymaystarcosmeticsBENEFITSPeptide-based face serum specially designed to minimize fine expression lines, producing an immediate and long-lasting cosmetic lift. Also contains moisturizing and wetting active principles like hyaluronic acid and Chondru..
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