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Sensory nature

Pamper and care for your entire skin with Sensory Nature, our line of 100%-natural body cosmetics free of all additives and parabens.

Every environmentally friendly body product in the Sensory Nature range is 100%-free of chemicals and aggressive agents harmful to skin and the environment.

Brand: Maystar
body cosmeticscabin productssensory naturemaystarcosmeticsAnti-stretch mark cream with dual action prevents the formation of new stretch marks while at the same time eliminating the old ones thanks to its active healing and regenerative capacity.The Musk Rose oil extract and Oat&..
Professional use only
Brand: Maystar
body cosmeticsproducts for homesensory naturemaystarcosmeticsA moisturising and nourishing bath for the body with a soft and delicate fragrance which offers a pleasant relax. Its semi-fluid and fatless texture blends immediately into the skin, leaving a silky veil of softness on ..
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Brand: Maystar
body cosmeticssensory naturemaystarcosmeticsMarine Gel with Seaweed’s extract. The Marine Gel is the perfect vehicle for seaweed´s application. Its richness in mineral salts and elastin’s amino acids give it a reaffirming power which eases the tissue´s el..
Ex Tax:30,65€
Brand: Maystar
body cosmeticsface cosmeticssensory naturemaystarcosmeticsLiquid Gold from Morocco. It contains Essential Oily Acids which boost the skin repair, ensuring the necessary moisturizing by fighting against the factors which ease the wrinkles development, such as dryness and lost..
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Brand: Maystar
body cosmeticssensory naturemaystarcosmeticsCryogenic Gel with Plant Extracts. Eases the hypothermia´s obtaining (feeling of cold) on the areas of the body to treat, speeding therefore up their metabolism. Formulated as the perfect supplement to the Sensory Nature Slimming..
Professional use only
Brand: Maystar
body cosmeticssensory naturemaystarcosmeticsTonic Modelling – Tensing. With Soy’s Extract and Menthol. Its semi-fluid and incredibly fresh texture melts immediately within the skin, leaving it velvety and soft. Its greaseless texture is suitable for all skin´s ..
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