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Conductor reaffirming gel 900 ml

Conductor reaffirming gel 900 ml                           MAYSTAR
Conductor reaffirming gel 900 ml
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Marine Gel with Seaweed’s extract. The Marine Gel is the perfect vehicle for seaweed´s application. Its richness in mineral salts and elastin’s amino acids give it a reaffirming power which eases the tissue´s elasticity and enriches the aesthetic properties of the seaweeds.

Active agents:Minerals, Fucus Vesiculosus, Laminaria Digitata

Contents / Package 900ml Jar

How to use

As a base dosage, it is recommended to add to each mask a dosing spoon of Conductor Reaffirming Gel per three spoons of seaweeds, in order to enrich and give reaffirming properties to the mask, as well as act as a conductor gel. Is also indicated for treatment with ultrasound, radiofrequency, cavitation equipments, etc. TIP: in order to realise Thermotherapy treatments, you can alternate with the Thermo Active Gel.

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