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Hydrovect O2 essential ice mask 200ml

Hydrovect O2 essential ice mask 200ml  MAYSTAR
Hydrovect O2 essential ice mask 200ml
Professional use only

face cosmetics

hydrovect o2



Energetic face pack cold effect, synonymous of purity and freshness, with a light and siliconed texture. Rich in alginic acid shows down the free radicals assault responsible for the premature ageing. Contributes to the cellular stimulation and DNA regeneration.


Ultra – moisturing



Activates periferic circulation.

Unifies the tone.

Protects against external aggressions.


Active Ingredients:

SEA CAMOMILE: Contains high proportions of essential amino acids, vitamins, sugars, trace elements and structured peptides, giving it potent repairing and regenerating properties. Facilitates cellular respiration and enhances blood circulation to reduce inflammation and boost skin cells oxygen and nutrient levels.

PLANKTON EXTRACT (ARGININE FERULATE): Increases the amount of oxygen available in each cell and enhances ATP synthesis to boost cellular energy. Prevents cellular oxidation and wrinkle formation. RIBOSE: Sugar obtained from maize. Impedes degradation of connective tissue. Stimulates biosynthesis of molecules like collagen and elastin. Helps prevent wrinkles and increases cellular respiration.

CEREAL GERM OIL: Natural concentrate containing Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin A and Vitamin F to protect cells against the effects of free radicals.

POLYPERFLUOROMETHYLISOPROPYL ETHER: Reinforces your skin s immunological system. Moisturising action. Protects against external irritants like heat, cold and wet.

HYALURONIC ACID: Smoothes and moisturises, while its volumising properties reconstitute skin tissue fibres.

Durvillea Antarctic Algae: able to develop specific sugars which gives it especial properties of resistance to the external aggressions, particulary to the cold. Urea: moisturizing. Capable of attracting and retaining water


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