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Optimal renewal anti-ageing mask 150ml

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Optimal renewal anti-ageing mask 150ml
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optimal renewal


Based on epidermal growth factors, frequent use protects skin and produces a powerful anti-ageing effect.

• Enhances hydration

• Increases skin density

• Produces powerful firming effect

• Possesses powerful regenerative properties

• Repairs dry and cracked skin

• Smooths wrinkles

• Produces powerful anti-ageing effect

Active Ingredients:


Multifunctional agent that prevents skin ageing by triggering collagen, elastin and fibronectin synthesis while simultaneously enhancing skin structure, resilience and density.


Produces a restorative and regenerative effect by increasing keratinocyte and fibroblast migration and proliferation and boosting synthesis of proteins and type I collagen, both found in abundant quantities in the dermis.


Helps repair ageing skin by encouraging collagen and fibronectin synthesis and deeply moisturizing.

Usage:Apply twice weekly after cleansing face, neck and neckline. Leave in place for 15–20 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water and dry. This product can also be left in place overnight (once absorbed). In the morning, cleanse face as normal and apply usual cosmetics

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