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Baby magic toothgel for children 50ml

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Baby magic toothgel for children 50ml
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For children aged 2 to 6 years.Guarantees protection against decay. Visibly strengthens tooth enamel. Prevents creation of dental plaque. 

directions:Use a pea-sized amount.Brush teeth thoroughly at least twice a day. Supervise child’s brushing and rinsing.

contains 0,05% of fluorine


safety assessment: the ingredients are consulted with The Institute of Mother and Child 

dermatologically tested on individuals with skin disorders and allergies  

application tests: final step involving children 

neutral pH: taking into account the cosmetic’s use (skin, mouth, intimate area, eyes: different pH each site) 

increased microbiological control of the finished products for children: aerobic bacteria max. 500 CFU (adult products max. 5000 CFU)

  • Positive opinion of Children’s Health Centre, The Institute of Mother and Child
  • Safety and efficacy proven in clinical and dermatological tests

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