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Manicure & pedicure devices

All the equipment a professional nail technician needs is here. Uv-led lamps, sterilization devices, magnifying lamps, etc.

Brand: Afma
Afma trolley for Afma magnifier lamp. Made by durable metal with chrome coating.It has 5 spokes with wheels for easy rollingBase diameter 50cm..
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A made in Greece trolley base for Afma magnifier lamp It is made of durable metal with a chrome coating. It has 5 spokes with wheels for easy rolling made of durable high strength plastic material in black colorDiameter D 60cm..
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Brand: Afma
Clamp for Afma magnifier lamp. Made by durable metal..
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Brand: Quickepil
Germicidal UV tool sterilizerSuitable for hair and beauty salons.Safe and effective. Heat-free. Easy to use.Hi-tech ultraviolet ozone sterilizing device. Non-harmful and efficient. No auxiliary agent needed for effective sterilization and disinfection. Advanced luxury styling. Space-saving,..
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Magnifier lamp Afma LED100/LF5-without base
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Brand: Afma
Magnifier lamp with special optical magnifying glass X5 and strong white led lighting. A very durable model with 2-joint aluminum arms. Its lighting is white-cold removable Led strip and can be replaced, it also has a plastic protective cover. Can be mounted on a wheeled base, table or wall mounted...
Ex Tax:195,16€
Xanitalia micro quartz crystals are used in the sterilizer. They are heated to a temperature of 200oC. This temperature allows the optimal and fast sterilization of small metal hairdressing, manicure, aesthetic tools. Germs and bacteria are completely destroyed and eliminated from work tools.Bag..
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Brand: Xanitalia
Professional rapid sterilization device for metal tools with quartz crystals. Through high temperatures, the sterilization time is limited to 20-30 seconds, with the result that the time the tools stay in the device is very short and in combination with the micro-crystals, the negative effect that t..
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Nail UV lamp durable construction 36 watt. UV gel dryer 4 lamps of 9 watt.It cures gel & semi-permanent. Features a 120" timer..
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