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Calendula sanitizing waxing line

Starpil Calendula: Waxing, Beauty Care and Skin Protection

We’re launching the market’s first sanitizing waxing line with powerful antiseptic properties that deliver the peace of mind and hygiene customers need.

Skin-protecting ingredients:

Calendula: possesses powerful antiseptic properties, favours tissue regeneration, improves circulation and skin healing and repairs the epidermis. Also possesses anti-inflammatory and outstanding skin-softening properties. Activates collagen and maximizes elasticity.

Tea tree/melaleuca oil: derived from tea tree bark, 100%-vegan active principle, natural bactericide and fungicide and one of nature’s most powerful antiseptics. Soothes post-waxing hypersensitivity and redness, reduces swelling and opens pores to help treat ingrown hairs.

Brand: Starpil
ADVANTATGES Retardant mousse ideal for use as a post-waxing treatment, on tired legs or as a daily moisturizer. Contains natural extracts and essential oils that help restore skin’s hydrolipidic mantle, leaving it feeling refreshed and velvety smooth. Possessing draining, soothing and cle..
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Brand: Starpil
ADVANTADGES Refreshing moisturising gel with disinfectant properties designed to prepare your skin for hair removal. Helps eliminate skin dryness, soften hair and reduce irritation to ensure gentle and effective hair removal. The calendula and tea tree extracts help keep skin cleansed and protect..
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Brand: Starpil
ADVANTADGES Post epil soothing oil. Suitable for all-over use after hair removal.Removes left-over wax and soothes your skin to leave it feeling soft and moisturised. The calendula and tea tree extracts help keep skin cleansed and protected. WAXING NOTES Suitable for all-over use. USAGE: After..
Ex Tax:8,71€
Brand: Starpil
The Calendula starpil wax kit includes10 calendula roll on 110gr 1 kg calendula low melting point wax 1 Calendula gel prepil 200ml 1 Calendula post epil mousse 200ml 1 Calendula post epil oil 200ml ..
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Brand: Starpil
A pleasant liposoluble texture for all types of skin, particularly for removing hair from the body’s more delicate areas. Its excellent elasticity allows us to apply a fine layer, with shorter drying time, although it remains flexible throughout the process. It removes hair at the root with..
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Brand: Starpil
Roll-on waxing systems achieve outstanding results. The resins they contain mean they can be used at higher temperatures than low-melting-point waxes but, because the strip is spread much thinner, the wax cools almost immediately, avoiding that burning feeling. The wax is then easily removed with..
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