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Gdanskin oil body scrub 300ml

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Gdanskin oil body scrub 300ml
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gdanskin line



Scrub in the form of a thick, oily paste,exfoliating effect: natural sugar, salt crystals and crushed scallop shells,leaves a delicate film on the skin after rinsing,has an intense fragrance,suitable for home spa use.Effectively exfoliates and smooths the epidermis,nourishes, softens and provides skin elasticity,leaves a pleasant, refreshing fragrance on the skin

•cleansed and visibly softened skin
•smooth and pleasant to the touch
•skin well-prepared for further cosmetic treatments


directions:Apply onto moistened skin. Massage with circular motions and rinse off with warm water. May be used daily. Do not use after epilation and on damaged skin.

saccharose, (walnut) shell powder, micronutrients, soluble collagen, shrubby everlasting, white horehound

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