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Essential Blending massage butter 1000ml

Essential Blending massage butter 1000ml MAYSTAR
Essential Blending massage butter 1000ml
Professional use only

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Original alternative formula that combines the regenerative, nourishing and moisturizing properties of shea butter, coconut butter with the benefits of argan oil, jojoba, rose oil, and bamboo and Thai gardenia oils that create a unique feeling. Mixing all these wonderful active ingredients, a creamy butter with a wonderful texture and smell was created, which "melts" on contact with the skin, making it ideal for an enjoyable body massage.


Rose oil:It has healing and regenerative properties

Argan oil:Protects skin from premature aging, hydrates, nourishes and regenerates


Extremely sensitive to high temperatures. Spread the appropriate amount with a spatula. You can apply directly on skin or lightly heat the product in a heater. The texture may vary depending on the room temperature

Do not swallow.

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