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Sensory argan oil 50 ml

Sensory argan oil 50 ml MAYSTAR
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Sensory argan oil 50 ml
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Liquid Gold from Morocco. It contains Essential Oily Acids which boost the skin repair, ensuring the necessary moisturizing by fighting against the factors which ease the wrinkles development, such as dryness and lost of stretchiness. Besides, it is a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin E rich, which neutralises the free radicals by moderating the ageing process of the skin. This oil has a 99% of purity.




Anti-age, skin regenerative effect

Antiseptic and fungicide

Perfect for sunburns

Smoothes, moisturises and makes the skin glowStimulates the oxygenation and brings elasticity

Protects against external aggressions

Restores the skin hydrolipidic layer and increases the cells content

Restructures and strengthens nails and hair

Skin type:All types of skins

Active agents:Argania Spinosa

Contents / Package:50ml Dropper

How to use

Gently massage in rounds until complete penetration of the product. It can be used as standalone or combined by adding droplets to the face or body cosmetic.


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