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Sensory cold body gel 900ml

Sensory cold body gel 900ml                                                  MAYSTAR

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Cryogenic Gel with Plant Extracts. Eases the hypothermia´s obtaining (feeling of cold) on the areas of the body to treat, speeding therefore up their metabolism. Formulated as the perfect supplement to the Sensory Nature Slimming and Anti-cellulite treatment, by helping the loss of volume and reaffirming the tissues in the mean time. The Cold Body Gel is an excellent muscle relaxing for tired legs and other areas thanks to the combination of its actives, which refresh and soothe.

Active agents Menthol, Camphor and Green Tea

Contents / Package 900ml Jar

How to use

Apply on the area to treat, let it act and do not remove. In order to boost its action, you may wrap the area with an osmotic roll or bandages previously dampen with water. Keep the wrapping for 45 minutes and remove.

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