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Hydrovect O2 essential ice cream 50ml

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Hydrovect O2 essential ice cream 50ml
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hydrovect o2



Viginizing frozen cream and cold effect toning, immediate energizing. Reaffirms, revitalize and decongest thanks to its refreshing power.

"Indispensable for dull and punished skins that urgently need an intensive and profound recovery."

Ideal for

Its powerful purifying effect combats environmental stress and has a vital effect on your face: recovers cellular energy and overflows vitality.

Dehydrated skins

Skins exposed to environmental pollution

Attonas skins

Young skins


It achieves a boost of fresh revitalizing air for the skin, with this supply of hydration and essential oxygen. Hydrovect O2 acts against the effects of environmental pollution and purifies your skin by providing a healthy, fresh and luminous appearance.

Oxygena the skin

Decongesting the face

Great purifying effect

Provides intensive hydration

Powerful anti-stress effect

Prevents cell aging

Returns your healthy and radiant appearance to the skin

Active ingredients

HYALURONIC ACID:Powerful reconstituent of fibers holding skin tissues. Thanks to its ability to retain water, at a percentage equivalent to a thousand times its molecular weight has an excellent moisturizing capacity.

Alga Durvillaea Antarctica:Alga capable of developing specific sugars that give you resistance properties in very extreme and cold environments. It has a high decongestive capacity due to its large molecular weight in water.

Plankton extract:Concentrated algae that improves the amount of oxygen in the cells increasing its energy and avoiding cell oxidation and wrinkle forming.

Chamomile maritime:Plant of Atlantic origin that grows near the sea with a very high content in essential amino acids, vitamins, sugars, trace elements and structuring peptides of great repair and regenerating power.

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