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Glycosure renewal complex (10x2,5ml)

Glycosure renewal complex (10x2,5ml) Cosmetics
Glycosure renewal complex (10x2,5ml)
Professional use only

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Age, pollution, sun, stress and other factors, like poor diet or insufficient water intake, leave a coarse and unattractive layer of dead cells on the skin s surface. This slows down cell renewal, and blemishes and wrinkles become more prominent, preventing optimal oxygenation. The result is dull and sallow-looking skin. Glycosure Care s innovative treatment formulas stimulate gradual multi-action cell renewal to bring out the best in your skin. The formulas create as much skin luminosity and uniformity as microdermabrasion, but with significantly less irritation. Glycosure Care is particularly recommended for treating wrinkles, scars, blemishes and devitalised, greasy, acneic or hyperkeratinised skin. Single-dose serum that delivers a fully intact active-principle concentrate.Peels away surface skin cells and reduces corneocyte cohesion, thinning the stratum corneum and making it easier for the serum´s active principles to penetrate. This peeling process activates the skin´s defence mechanisms and triggers cell renewal, boosting biosynthesis of dermal glycosaminoglycans in collagen and other connective tissue components.

Contains Glycolic, Lactic, Citric, Tartatic and Salicylic acid : natural acids that dissolve dead cells and encourage cell renewal. Lemon, Passion-Flower, Pineapple and Grape Extract: AHAs and natural acids obtained from fruit and plant extract. Acids percentage 17,5%

USAGE: Apply the entire ampoule to your face , neck and neckline, then gently massage it into your skin using a rising circular motion, moving outwards from the centre of your skin.

Caution : For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

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