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Decoblend epilation dec32

Decoblend epilation dec32 Beauty devices
The Decoblend is an electro-needle epilation device that enables effective, progressively definitive epilation treatment with minimal pain perception.

Decoblend is based on the automatic combination of two currents, one radiofrequency “thermolysis”, the other low voltage (direct current) “electrolysis”.

The delivery of these low-intensity currents makes it possible to exploit the positive effects of the two methods: the thermal effect typical of the thermolysis current and the cauterizing effect specific to electrolysis.

Thanks to the mixture of both, electro-epilation has more effective and long-lasting results, as it produces the progressive atrophy of the bulb until its complete necrosis. In order to proceed with the electro-epilation treatment with the Decoblend system, the operator delivers the mass electrode to the treated subject and, with the special needle holder handpiece, inserts the thin and disposable needle into the hair canal, in order to convey the current at the level of the follicle inclined of about 75% with respect to the skin surface.

The current delivery is controlled by the foot pedal supplied with the device. At the end of the current passage, the needle is removed from the hair canal and the hair is pulled out with the help of tweezers.


  • Equipped with a timer to mark the duration of the treatment
  • Easy-to-operate control panel to facilitate the operator in adjusting the working parameters.

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