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Jeju pink line

Imagine that we are able to help you in many ways: improve the look of your skin, refresh and enhance your complexion, and at the same time relieve any irritation or redness. Together with you, we can face the problems of young skin. You need to know that we are not afraid of struggling with oily or dry skin or scared of excessive sebum, blocked and enlarged pores, or even blackheads.Why? We have the jeju pink line that makes us feel very confident. Nay! It makes us feel lion-hearted! The jeju products are well-selected cosmetic formulations aiming at cleansing, anti-seborrhoea, antibacterial, moisturising and soothing effects. Using the two main ingredients: camellia oil and binchotan charcoal (used in cosmetics of black colour) makes

Jeju line an invitation to experiment with new, interesting forms in various colours and scents.

Brand: ZIAJA
jeju pink lineziajacosmeticsMoisturising water perfumed with notes of exotic fruits. Easy to apply. Suitable for use on hair. Perfect to use during everyday activities. Refreshes quickly. Gently cools. Moisturises the epidermis and energises the skin.How to use:Spray the body and f..
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Brand: ZIAJA
jeju pink lineziajacosmeticsHair conditioner in the form of a duo-phase liquid. Does not weigh hair down. Perfumed with a sweet and refreshing fragrance. Ideal for dry hair. Effectively moisturises and nourishes hair cuticles. Strengthens and reduces their fragility. Regenerates an..
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Brand: ZIAJA
jeju pink lineziajacosmeticsWater-free, thick, black sugar srub. Does not contain washing substances. Its appearance and aroma provide an extremely pleasant application. Exfoliates dead skin. Oils and softens. Leaves an emollient protective film on the skin.How to use:Apply onto moiste..
Ex Tax:6,69€
Brand: ZIAJA
jeju pink lineziajacosmeticsSemi-transparent, cleansing and moisturising shampoo for everyday use. Creates rich foam and effectively cleanses the scalp and hair. Does not contain silicones and sulfates. Contains hair smoothing inulin. Recommended for oily hair. How to use:App..
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Brand: ZIAJA
jeju pink lineziajacosmetics Creamy shower & bath gel with a sweet aroma of exotic fruits. Creates rich foam. Contains moisturising glycerine. Appearance and aroma guarantee a sensory application. Gently washes. Does not dry the skin. Leaves a pleasant scent on the skin.How to use:App..
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Brand: ZIAJA
jeju pink lineziajacosmeticsDelicate body cream in the form of mousse. Light, fluffy texture ensures pleasant application and a feeling of satin smoothness. Quickly absorbed into the skin. Has a sweet and refreshing fragrance. Moisturises the epidermis. Smooths and softens and delicatly p..
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Brand: ZIAJA
jeju pink lineziajacosmeticsWhite paste of thick consictency. Contains biodegradable exfoliating substances. Based on delicate washing ingredients. Has natural pH. Gently but effectively washes. Removes impurities and degreases the skin. Unblocks the skin of excess sebum and supports the red..
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