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Stage line

Stage Line products -makeup bases, eye makeup, lip makeup, among others- have been made up of treated pigments and active ingredients that provide beneficial effects for the skin, such as shine and naturalness. So the skin is made up and treated with just a single action.

Brand: Stage line
Dual usage compact powder .Has a matifying effect when applied dry, and acts as a foundation when applied with a damp sponge , giving a natural finish .Contains vitamin E and sun filter. Oil free..
9,92€ 25,40€
Ex Tax:8,00€
Brand: Stage line
Resistant lip gloss with applicator. Moisturises and emphasises lip volume .Contains solar protection .Apply directly to the lips or on top of lipsticks...
3,72€ 9,80€
Ex Tax:3,00€
Brand: Stage line
Creamy eye pencil. Its special texture allows smooth application ,blending and avoids dryness.Pencil of 18cm except for No 00(eyebrow) which is 12cm..
Ex Tax:5,40€
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