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Argan oil line

Argan oil gained by cold pressing of Argania spinosa plant seeds rich in vitamin E source of essential unsaturated fatty acids, mostly omega-6 .Easily absorbs into the skin replenishes the deficiency of skin structure substances, mostly ceramides delays skin ageing process and protects the skin from harmful effects of free radicals

Brand: ZIAJA
argan oil lineziajacosmeticsIntensely regenerates, strengthens andprotects hair structure,facilitates detangling,effects visible instantly after first application.effect:regenerated and strengthened hair structuredirections:Shake before use. Spray over freshlywashed and towel-dry hai..
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Argan & tsubaki oils smoothing hair serum 50ml Argan & tsubaki oils smoothing hair serum 50ml
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Brand: ZIAJA
argan oil lineziajacosmeticsEffectively smooths hair, leaving it shiny and soft.Facilitates combing of wet or dry hair.Helps to eliminate frizz and protects against hair ends splitting.Effective after first application. directions:Spread 1-2 dozes of serum on your hands and massage into damp or dry..
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Brand: ZIAJA
argan oil lineziajacosmeticsEffectively smooths hair, leaving it shiny and soft.Gives hair healthy look and smoothness.Provides thermal protection.Protects hair against drying out.Works after first application. directions:Apply over damp hair.Massage in and leave on for about 3 to 5 minutes.Rinse o..
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Brand: ZIAJA
argan oil lineziajacosmeticsGently cleanses hair and scalp.Leaves hair soft and smooth.Boosts hair volume and facilitates hair styling.Actively regenerates hair.Provides long-lasting pleasant, and elegant fragrance. directions:Apply on damp hair and massage till foam is created.Rinse off thoroughly..
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Brand: ZIAJA
argan oil lineziajacosmeticsMoisturising creamy shower soap with argan oil.Gently cleanses and intensely moisturises the skin.Contains nourishing substances.Delicate for the skin.Does not cause irritations.Directions:  Apply on skin and rinse off.Key ingredient :argan oil ..
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Brand: ZIAJA
argan oil lineziajacosmeticsProtective body lotion with natural argan oil.Gently lubricates, smooths and softens overdry, irritated skin.Restores the hydro-lipid balance of the epidermis.Intensely regenerates.Visibly decreases skin hypersensitivity.Provides healthy skin look.It can be used by childr..
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Brand: ZIAJA
argan oil lineziajacosmeticsProtective face cream with natural argan oil.Improves smoothness, elasticity and moisture level of overdry, irritated skin.Supports skin protective function.Reduces wrinkles and prevents their formation.Soothes skin irritations.PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS*Increases the skin hydr..
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Brand: ZIAJA
argan oil lineziajacosmeticsProtective hand cream with natural argan oil and glycerin for dry, irritated skin.Strengthens hydro-lipid skin barrier.Soothes epidermis redness.Relieves overdry skin leaving it soft and smooth.PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS*Increases the skin hydration by 39%.*proved by in vivo Co..
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