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Magnifying lamp

An ergonomic and elegant design for a high quality Made in Italy product.Our lamps are characterised by superior build quality and lenses as well as high light output and robustness.

Brand: Afma
Afma trolley for Afma magnifier lamp. Made by durable metal with chrome coating.It has 5 spokes with wheels for easy rollingBase diameter 50cm..
Ex Tax:53,23€
A made in Greece trolley base for Afma magnifier lamp It is made of durable metal with a chrome coating. It has 5 spokes with wheels for easy rolling made of durable high strength plastic material in black colorDiameter D 60cm..
Ex Tax:77,42€
Brand: Afma
Clamp for Afma magnifier lamp. Made by durable metal..
Ex Tax:10,65€
Magnifier lamp Afma LED100/LF5-without base
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Brand: Afma
Magnifier lamp with special optical magnifying glass X5 and strong white led lighting. A very durable model with 2-joint aluminum arms. Its lighting is white-cold removable Led strip and can be replaced, it also has a plastic protective cover. Can be mounted on a wheeled base, table or wall mounted...
Ex Tax:195,16€
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