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Decovague cavitation dec45M

Decovague cavitation dec45M Beauty devices

This device is the result of accurate research about the application of ultrasonic cavitation principles the medical-aesthetic field, which have showed the undeniable effectiveness to treat cellulite and adipose panniculus.

Decovague M is an electromedical stimulator device at low frequency; by exploiting the physical phenomenon of ultrasonic cavitation, it causes the gradual breakdown of fat cells and consequently a reduction in the volume of adipose tissues.

The exclusive handlepiece is equipped with a technologically advanced transducer that allows the transmission of ultrasounds directly into the adipose tissue, producing a fast, painless and absolutely non-invasive action.

Decovague M intended use:

  • Edematous cellulite
  • Flaccid cellulite
  • Compact cellulite
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Localized adiposity

The ultrasonic technology at low frequency (40-60kHz) transmits a predetermined quantity of energy to the adipose tissue only, without involving other tissues. In this way, the ultrasonic waves converge in a focused area and are concentrated in a particular point in order to cause the immediate breakdown of the adipocytes and the release of fatty acids which are then eliminated through the lymphatic and urinary circuits.

The fat cells are broken down by the pressure exerted by the ultrasounds on the cell wall of the adipocyte, causing the implosion of the wall itself. Consequently, the fat acids are released and eliminated through the lymphatic and urine circuits.


Decovague M  is the perfect tool to reshape body contouring, to improve skin orange peel aspect, to stimulate the peripheral blood circulation and to promote the drainage of stagnated liquids.


Lightweight and easy to carry equipment

Minimum space requirement

  1. 8 preset programs

Customizable programs 

User interface: one sole knob

Ultrasonic wave emission: pulsed wave (“demolition” treatment)

Continuous emission: (draining treatment)

Breakdown and elimination of adipose panniculus

Effective and safe treatment for body reshaping 



Power supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 30x26x36,5 cm
Net weight: 4,5 Kg
Functioning: continuous and pulsed
Fuse: 2 fuses type 500 mAT
Power consumption: 40 Watt
Output Frequency: 40 kHz

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