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Decoson dec 36 face ultrasounds

Decoson dec 36 face ultrasounds Beauty devices
Decoson dec 36 face ultrasounds
Professional use only

It is an equipment for facial treatments that, through the combination of two currents such as Galvanic and Low Frequency Ultrasounds, allows to carry out a deep cleansing of the skin, to convey special nebulised products and to regenerate the tissues through a reactivating micro-massage, thus carrying out an oxygenating, exfoliating, firming, regenerating and anti-wrinkle action.

The Galvanic current is combined with ultrasound in the “CLEAN” working mode. Using a cleansing product, this mixture produces a thermal effect in the subcutaneous tissue; at the same time, it softens the surface, allowing the horny layer of the skin to be exfoliated and impurities to be brought out. The skin immediately appears cleaner and brighter.

In LEAD IN mode, the ultrasound is produced in a continuous low-frequency wave. This application has considerable effects in stimulating the microcirculation and metabolic processes of the cells. The permeability of the cell membrane is increased, thus facilitating the entry of active ingredients. Thanks to ultrasound, the nutritional level and oxygenation level of the cells themselves are increased and the fibroblasts in the dermis are stimulated to produce new collagen and elastin.

In PULSE mode the ultrasound is delivered in a pulsed manner. This further stimulates the circulation and metabolic processes of the cells.

Additional features:

Combination of two currents: Galvanic and ultrasound, in order to improve the condition and health of tissues and muscles. In addition, the metabolic processes in all cells are stimulated, improving the appearance of the skin and complexion, visible from the first treatment.

Power Supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 25x24x7 cm
Net weight: 4 Kg
Fuses: 2 of type 1 AT
Maximum consumption: 25 Watt
Maximum out power: 24 Khz / 0.150 mA


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