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Synergy lift absolute coffer

Synergy lift absolute coffer MAYSTAR
Synergy lift absolute coffer MAYSTAR
Synergy lift absolute coffer MAYSTAR
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Synergy lift absolute coffer MAYSTAR
Synergy lift absolute coffer MAYSTAR
Synergy lift absolute coffer MAYSTAR
Synergy lift absolute coffer
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Immediate lifting with stem cells of plant origin. Regenerating and tense.

Serum indicated for skins with more than 35 years. Formulated with active principles that collaborate with greater skin hydration and an in-mediated and cumulative effect of "cosmetic lifting". New formula with stem cells, PhytocellTec Solar, with a high protective power against environmental damage, especially ultraviolet radiation.

"Brake and repairs the effects of age with an immediate and durable lifting effect."

Ideal for

  • Ripe skins
  • Skins in microinjections treatment
  • Palliatory of expression and wrinkles
  • Filling surgery
  • Flag skins with loss of elasticity
  • Attonous and devitalized skins
  • Skins with wrinkles marked



Serum indicated for skin over 35 years.

  • Immediate lifting effect.
  • Moisturizes, tense and reaffirms the skin of the face
  • Reduce and smooth wrinkles
  • Decrease the lines of expression
  • Combat the aging of the dermis
  • Protects DNA from skin cells


After daily cleansing, apply an appropriate amount to your face, neck and neckline, gently massaging upwards and outwards to stimulate your skin until the product is fully absorbed. Apply morning and night. For maximum cosmetic lift, use before applying make-up. Do not ingest.


ctive ingredients


It is a natural healing and helps get rid of dead cells, accelerating healthy tissue growth. With a calming and moisturizing effect, thanks to the fact that the water content of the skin increases, it reduces irritations and redness.


Powerful reconstituent of fibers holding skin tissues. Thanks to its ability to retain water, at a percentage equivalent to a thousand times its molecular weight has an excellent moisturizing capacity.

Maystar Bioslim.

Synergy of last generation peptides that, together with other microdrenant assets, favors the elimination of accumulated liquids and fats. Bioactive patented technology that reduce double chin and redraw from the facial oval.

Tripeptide of viper

Synthetic tripeptide that imitates the effect of the Viper poison protein responsible for the neuromuscular blockade.
Its effect numbs wrinkles smoothing the surface
of the skin.

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