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Caviar instant lift ampoules 3 x 1,5ml

Caviar instant lift ampoules 3 x 1,5ml MAYSTAR
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Caviar instant lift ampoules 3 x 1,5ml
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Instant-lift nourishing and firming concentrate rich in amino acids. Fast-acting beauty treatment containing Caviar Extract and vegetable protein complex extracted from Wheat Gluten, Algae and moisturising agents. Lifts and firms your skin in seconds. Stimulates blood circulation, eliminates all signs of fatigue from your face and boosts skin luminosity, preparing your skin for impeccable and long-lasting make-up.


Skin type


Lifting immediate effect.

Active agents

CAVIAR EXTRACT: the highest content in essential amino acids, structured peptides, proteins, fatty acids, trace elements and rich in iodine, giving it potent repairing and restructuring properties.
WHEAT GLUTEN: it is a pure protein. This demonstrates in an agreeable sensation on the skin and regulates water thanks to the amino acids that it composes.
ALGAE: In this composition we find proteins like the iodine, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, fluorine and potassium; trace elements like the strontium, iron, zinc, copper and vitamins B, C, D, E and K. That possess a remoisturizing and revitalizing action, and eliminate the fats destroying and helping to canalize and annul toxins.
MOISTURIZING AGENTS: cocktail of vegetables extracts with great moisturizing power.

Contents / Package

3 Ampoules Pack of 1,5ml

How to use

Apply the contents of a vial to cleansed and toned skin, gently massaging and patting it into your face and neck. Next, apply a cream suitable for your skin type, then apply foundation. The instant-lift revitaliser effect last approximately 6-10 hours.

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