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Starwater deep moisturizing concentrate 10x2ml

Starwater deep moisturizing concentrate 10x2ml Cosmetics
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Starwater deep moisturizing concentrate 10x2ml
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Moisturizing – Antioxidant – Firming – Protective

Format: 10 single-dose glass ampoules (2 ml each) / 2 applicators / 1 cap
Texture: Blue-tinted liquid emulsion.

BENEFITS: Daily use ultra-moisturizing, antioxidant and skin-plumping booster. Maximizes skin elasticity and plumpness to leave
it looking healthy and velvety smooth.

Recommended for dry, tired skin that needs to regain a healthy texture. Ideal preparation for natural and daytime make-up.

Shake the ampoule to mix the contents and optimize the volatile active principles’ performance.
After deep-cleansing1 your skin, open the ampoule with the protector, attach the applicator and pour the booster onto
your hands. Gently rub it between your fingers then apply it to your face, neck and neckline.
For a flawless finish, apply a little Hydrovect O2 Essential Oxygen Mist. Leave it to air-dry then apply the Starwater
ampoule, massaging the product in using an upward circular motion until the product is fully absorbed. To finish, apply
pressure with your palms to finalize absorption and activate facial skin circulation.
Alternatively, mix half the contents of an ampoule with your usual moisturizing or nourishing cream2 making sure to seal
the ampoule afterwards with the cap.
Suitable for daily use, morning or night. For best results, use opened ampoules within two days.
1 For these skin types, we recommend cleansing with Sensitive Make-Up Remover Invigorating Emulsion and
Hydrovect O2 Essential Oxygen Mist before applying the contents of the ampoules.
2 For these skin types, we recommend Hydrovect O2 Essential Oxygen Cream and the other products in the line.

// HYALURONIC ACID: Substance occurring naturally in the human body and skin. One of its most powerful properties
is its capacity to attract and retain moisture to deliver outstanding skin hydration.
// CHONDRUS CRISPUS: Also known as Irish moss. Contains sugars and trace elements like magnesium, calcium,
zinc, phosphorus and vitamins A, B, C and K. Possesses powerful antioxidant properties and protects skin's deepest
layers (collagen) to enhance firmness.
// HYDROLYSED WHEAT PROTEIN: Possesses film-forming properties that produce water capture (hygroscopy) to
maintain optimal skin moisture levels.

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