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A step beyond sunscreen, this new line that combines protection against sun damage and pollution with a powerful anti-ageing treatment is designed for year around

Brand: Maystar
AFTER SUN EMULSIONEasily absorbed light-textured emulsion that  moisturizes, refreshes and soothes. Delivers self-  care while accelerating and prolonging tanning.WHO IS IT FOR?All skin types and ages. WHEN SHOULD I USE IT?After more than 30 minutes’ sun ..
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Brand: Maystar
DAILY BODY PROTECTION  SPF 50+ / UVB / UVABody sunscreen providing high protection against  UVB, UVA and blue light. Richly nourishing fluid  texture. Contains moisturizing and wetting active  principles. Organic environmentally and skin-friendly  filters.WHO IS IT F..
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Brand: Maystar
DAILY PROTECTION FACE CREAM SPF 50+ / UVB / UVAFacial sunscreen offering high protection against  UVB, UVA and blue light. Richly nourishing fluid  texture. Water-resistant. Contains moisturizing and  wetting  active  principles.  Organic  environmentally&..
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Brand: Maystar
FACE TREATMENT  PRE-SUN SERUMWonderfully light-textured serum that prepares skin  for sun exposure. Possesses antioxidant, wetting,  moisturizing and protective properties.WHO IS IT FOR?All skin types. WHEN SHOULD I USE IT?365 days a year. BEN..
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Brand: Maystar
TRIPLE PROTECTION FACE  TREATMENT CREAM SPF 50+ / UVB / UVA360° sunscreen and anti-ageing cream. Premium  suncare cosmetic that prevents and combats  photoageing. Protects against free radicals and  the DNA damage caused by UVA rays. Organic  environmentally and..
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