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Opal mirror effect powder 1gr

Opal mirror effect powder 1gr  Nail care
Opal mirror effect powder 1gr
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Gives a different dimension to the nails! Introducing opal mirror Effect Powder, which is the powder with an incredible effect when applied to the nails. Opal Mirror Effect Powder is a combination of mirror and chameleon effects, two of the most modern manicure trends. The powder imitates the mirror shines depending on the angle of the light, shimmers beautifully in blue, green and purple colors, reminiscent of jewelry.

HOW TO USE: On a dark background, apply the UV top coat and polymerize with a UV or LED lamp. Gently rub the powder into polymerized gel or semi-permanent with your gloved finger and apply top coat again and polymerize

NOTE: For best effect, apply on a black background.


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