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Stage line

Brand: Stage line
Dual usage compact powder .Has a matifying effect when applied dry, and acts as a foundation when applied with a damp sponge , giving a natural finish .Contains vitamin E and sun filter. Oil free..
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Brand: Stage line
It illuminates the areas of shade on the skin (dark circles under the eyes , nosefins , cormers of the lips ) with camomile wxtract and aloe vera to relax and moisturize the skin . Oil free..
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Brand: Stage line
Resistant lip gloss with applicator. Moisturises and emphasises lip volume .Contains solar protection .Apply directly to the lips or on top of lipsticks...
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Brand: Stage line
Long lasting , hydrating lipstick.Hydrates and gives volume , contains Vitamin E and spf10..
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Brand: Stage line
Creamy eye pencil. Its special texture allows smooth application ,blending and avoids dryness.Pencil of 18cm except for No 00(eyebrow) which is 12cm..
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