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Conscious training on your path to success
Education and information: alongside industry professionals & students with dedication and passion.


Venus electronics international has created a series of seminars and special training courses for professionals and students in the beauty industry.
Professional training is a key element in the development of beauty professionals and their beauty salons: in a sector that evolves so quickly, it is necessary to invest in diversified skills and rely on companies that are ready to respond to this need to offer excellent services to their customers.
The world of aesthetics is evolving rapidly, so it is essential to invest in your professional skills to be able to provide excellent service to your clients.
Our goal is to enhance and create unique beauty treatments that will transform your beauty salons so that your customers will clearly see the difference and choose you as their beauty, beauty and wellness professional.
Within our lines we have beauty products for professional use and home use, so that the treatments in your cabin have real home support to make your treatments more effective.
To whom the seminars are addressed:
- to graduated beauticians, beautician assistants, waxing technicians,
- to students of the beauty field
- in beauty schools

The seminars that are held concern

- Facial & body cosmetic treatments.
- Face & body treatments with machines and combination with cosmetic products.
- Waxing, new techniques.

The free training seminars take place in the morning hours at our company's facilities on a predetermined date and time by appointment.
If you want to participate or for more information you can send us your request to the email and we will contact you.