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Roll-on wax Starpil 110gr calendula

Roll-on wax Starpil 110gr calendula Depilation
Roll-on wax Starpil 110gr calendula
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Roll-on waxing systems achieve outstanding results. The resins they contain mean they
can be used at higher temperatures than low-melting-point waxes but, because the strip is
spread much thinner, the wax cools almost immediately, avoiding that burning feeling. The
wax is then easily removed with STARPIL hygienic waxing strips.The calendula and tea
tree extracts help keep skin cleansed and protected.


Very fluid and smooth. Contains calendula extract. The calendula
extract possesses antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial and
skin-healing properties, while the tea tree oil gives the formula
added antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal efficacy.

Plug the heater into a wall socket and insert the refill. Wait
until the wax reaches application temperature (reached when
the roll-on slides easily over a waxing strip). To apply the wax,
slide the roll-on over the waxing area in the direction of hair
growth. Next, place a waxing strip over the wax and gently
press down before tugging it off in the opposite direction to
hair growth, keeping the strip parallel to the skin and using
the other hand to keep the surrounding skin taut, especially in
areas where the skin is more flaccid. Apply Prepil Gel beforehand
and Post Epil Oil or another Starpil post-waxing product


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