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Wax in Can 800ml Starpil Natural

Wax in Can 800ml Starpil Natural Depilation
Wax in Can 800ml Starpil Natural
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Derived from rosin (pine resin) and plant oils, this highly adhesive non-drying wax is designed for use with STARPIL hygienic waxing strips. Unlike with the roll-on system, it's applied using a disposable wooden spatula. We recommend using it on large areas like legs and arms.NATURAL:For all skin’s types. Its excellent pine resins ,combination makes it suitable for hard and short hair removalRemoves hair at the root. As it's applied with a spatula, it fully adapts to the customer’s anatomy. Possesses powerful hair removal properties. Indicated for sensitive skin.
Application:Especially recommended for large areas. Heat the tin in a 500 ml warmer then remove the wax with a disposable spatula. Apply a thin layer to the treatment area. Avoid overlapping. Remove using Starpil hygienic waxing strips

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