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Starpil duo ergonomic wax heater applier

Starpil duo ergonomic wax heater applier  Depilation
Starpil duo ergonomic wax heater applier
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Includes wax two heater appliers , two-seat connector with cable cord.

POWER: 2x25watt

Instructions for use Roll-on Heater:

Before starting the depilation make sure the skin is dry, clean and without cream. We recommend using Prepil Gel to prepare the area and obtain optimum results.
1. Insert the spare roll-on wax inside the heater.
2. Connect the heater to the 220v power supply with the cable attached to the device.
3. Select position I or II of the switch (if the device has both options) according to needs:
I. Maintenance temperature: Maintains the wax at the right temperature to apply.
II. High temperature: Allows an initial fast heating of the wax.
When the roll-on is inserted in the device, and when selecting position II, the wax takes approximately 25 minutes to reach the right temperature to be applied. When this time has passed it is advisable to leave the switch on position I.
4. Clean the skin: Clean the area to be depilated to remove any remains of cream, make-up or sweat and dry completely.
5. The wax has reached the right temperature when the roller of the roll-on slides easily over a hygienic hair-remover strip.
6. Apply the wax: Slide the roll-on over the area to depilate in the direction of the hair’s growth.
7. Apply the hygienic strip: Apply the strip covering the wax applied on the skin and press gently to assure its adherence.
8. Remove the paper strip: Remove the paper strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth, always parallel to the skin. Tense the skin with your other hand, especially in the more flaccid areas. Repeat the depilation until the hair has removed completely. The hygienic strip can
be used several times.
9. Remove the excess wax: When the depilation has finished remove the remains of wax from the skin with Post epil Oil.
10. To finish we recommend applying Post epil Retardant Mousse to delay hair growth, and to leave skin toned and perfectly moisturised.
11. Cleaning the roll-on heater: It is recommended to remove the remains of wax from the heater for its perfect maintenance.

For an optimum result of the hair removal we recommend only using our brand products and devices. The results are not guaranteed when combined with other products or devices from other brands.

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