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Caviar biphasic make-up remover 125ml

Caviar biphasic make-up remover 125ml MAYSTAR
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Caviar biphasic make-up remover 125ml
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Biphasic eye make-up remover with Caviar Extract, Thermal Water and Hamamelis Water. Contains an extremely high proportion of amino acids, structured peptides, proteins, fatty acids and trace elements, giving it potent repairing and restructuring properties. Suitable for all skin types, particulary mature or wrinkled skin requiring intense nourishment


Biphasic Eyes Cleanser with Caviar Extract. Cleanses, moisturises and invigorates.


Active agents

Caviar extract, Thermal water, Hammamelis water.

Contents / Package

125ml Bottle

How to use

Shake until the formula’s two phases are thoroughly mixed. Soak a piece of cotton wool then wipe gently over your eyelids and eyelashes until all make-up is removed.


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