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Caviar therapy serum 30ml

Caviar therapy serum 30ml MAYSTAR
Caviar therapy serum 30ml
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Serum enriched with caviar extract for intensive nourishing and firming.

• Powerful regenerative properties

• Deeply nourishes and hydrates skin

• Firms skin and reinforces its natural protection

• Relaxes and creates sense of well-being

HYALURONIC ACID: Effectively reconstitutes fibres that sustain skin tissue. Its capacity to retain a thousand times more moisture than its molecular mass makes it an outstanding hydration agent.
CAVIAR EXTRACT:Extraordinarily powerful blend of skin-regenerating and firming ingredients. Formulated from pure marine substances. Contains extremely high concentrations of amino acids, peptides, essential fatty acids, proteins, trace elements and iodine.
SQUALENE: Natural organic compound. Powerful antioxidant that protects cells against free radicals. Prevents moisture loss, boosts elasticity, combats ageing and reinforces the skin’s immune system.
Other active principles:Vitamin E.

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