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cashmere proteins & amaranth oil hair mask 200ml

cashmere line - ziaja - cosmetics - cashmere proteins & amaranth oil hair mask 200ml ZIAJA
cashmere proteins & amaranth oil hair mask 200ml
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Smooths out hair and strengthens hair structure. Revitalises, improves hair resilience and prevents brittleness.Provides natural shine. Restores softness and smoothness.
Facilitates combing. Leaves hair with a pleasant fragrance.
directions:Apply on damp hair and massage till foam is created.Rinse off thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

hair type:for thin, delicate, dry and normal hair
target group:women12+

Cashmere proteins:Transparent, amber fluid obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of keratin.Perfectly smooth hair. Create a protective layer on hair.Maintain a natural hydro-lipid balance..Cashmere – synonym of luxury and comfort.
Amararanthus oil (Amaranthus Cruentus Seed Oil): Oil of yellow-orange colour made from amaranthus seeds containig vitamin E that protects hair against free radicals.Perfectly smooths and moisturises hair.

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