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Soothing micellar water 390ml

Soothing micellar water 390ml ZIAJA
Soothing micellar water 390ml
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Ziaja micellar waters of 390 ml large capacities meet the needs of the skin exposed to the negative influence of polluted air.The new concept of micellar waters is based on the effect of cleansing the skin of harmful PM 2.5 dust particles and the anti-pollution effect.The task of the new micellar water is to minimise the undesirable effects of external factors on the skin.The new micellar concept is so gentle that it does not require rinsing.Even waterproof mascaras, sebum, environmental pollutants and dust dissolve well.It is an ideal solution especially for people staying in large urban agglomerations, working in airconditioned, dry rooms and for frequent travelers.Micellar waters are suitable for weakened eyelashes after extension and for people wearing contact lenses.

•fragrance -and colourants-free
•suitable for removing make-up of damaged eyelashes
•contains 95% ingredients of natural origin
•just one movement of micellar water removes 85% of impurities
•enriched with a trehalose-polysaccharide complex, provitamin B5


 How to use

Apply a small amount of micellar water to the cotton pad. Gently clean the face, closed eyes and lips. Repeat if necessary. Use morning and evening. Store at room temperature.

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