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Starlift lifting concentrate 50ml

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Starlift lifting concentrate 50ml
Professional use only

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STARLIFTFirming – Smoothing – Moisturizing – Antioxidant – Protective

Format: bottle 50ml
Texture: Pink-tinted liquid solution.
Daily use beauty booster. Acts instantly to moisturize, firm and leave skin feeling comfortably taut.
Recomendado para pieles con flacidez, deshidratadas y maduras.
After deep-cleansing your skin,  pour the booster ontoyour hands. Gently rub it between your fingers then apply it to your face, neck and neckline.Massage it in using an upward circular motion until fully absorbed. Finish by gently pinching your skin, moving from the centre outwards, to relax your face, neck and neckline and separate the tissues. This internally oxygenates your face muscles and your skin’s deepest layers.Alternatively, mix half the contents of an ampoule with your usual moisturizing or nourishing cream.Suitable for daily use, morning or night.
1 For these skin types, we recommend cleansing with Sensitive Make-Up Removing Emulsion and Essential Rose Water
Tonic before applying the contents of the ampoules.
2 For these skin types, we recommend Synergy Lift Biorelax Lifting Cream SPF 15.

// HYDROLYSED WHEAT PROTEIN: Possesses film-forming properties that produce water capture (hygroscopy) to
maintain optimal skin moisture levels.
// CHONDRUS CRISPUS: Also known as Irish moss. Contains sugars and trace elements like magnesium, calcium,
zinc, phosphorus and vitamins A, B, C and K. Possesses powerful antioxidant properties and protects skin's deepest
layers (collagen) to enhance firmness.
// MOISTURIZING SUGAR COMPLEX: Moisture-retaining sugars that enhance skin quality and texture.

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