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Brush system dec12

Brush system dec12 Beauty devices
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Brush system dec12
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BRUSH SYSTEM is a device designed for deep cleansing of the epidermis, by means of mechanical brushing. The peeling and/or microcirculation stimulation treatments can be carried out using the convenient accessories supplied with the device, which are rotated at the desired speed.

Brush system or mechanical peeling with brushes, it is recommended both for deep cleansing of the skin and before each application of cosmetic products, for a higher degree of absorption of active ingredients. It is equipped with: a brush holder handpiece; 3 brushes (small, medium and roller) in natural goat hair for exfoliating more sensitive areas; a brush with pumice stone to treat areas with hard and thickened skin; a brush with sponge for cleansing of more sensitive areas; a large brush with hard bristles for body exfoliation.


From the very first application, the skin will appear brighter, smoother and more pleasant to the touch, without neglecting the considerable relaxing effect that the massage of the brushes produces on it.  

Additional features

  • N.3 brushes, of different sizes and made of natural goat hair, for exfoliating the most sensitive parts of the body
  • N.1 large brush with hard bristles for body exfoliation
  • N.1 brush with pumice stone to reduce the thickness of hard and thickened skin
  • N.1 brush with sponge for cleansing particularly sensitive areas
  • N.1 brush handpiece with adjustable speed

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