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Nail art stripe tape -silver glitter

Nail art stripe tape -silver glitter Nail care
Nail art stripe tape -silver glitter
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Nail Stripe tapes come in many different colors and a wide variety of styles .

What To Do
    First use a clear base coat and two layers of colored nail polish. Wait for the nails to dry.
    Confirm the position of your nail design and then put the peeling tape. Pay attention to whether the polish on the nail is dry, otherwise it will destroy the beauty of the polish.
    Roll the tape out of the nail and gently press it.
    Use a nail scissors to cut the tape to where you want the tape to end.
    Use your fingers or a wooden skin stick to press down on the ends to secure them. On the tip, clamp the tape so that it just intersects the edge of the nail.Finish all tape ends
    Apply a clear topcoat to make sure your design is sealed.

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