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Sterilizer with quartz microbeads xanitalia

Sterilizer with quartz microbeads xanitalia  Beauty devices
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Sterilizer with quartz microbeads xanitalia
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Professional rapid sterilization device for metal tools with quartz crystals. Through high temperatures, the sterilization time is limited to 20-30 seconds, with the result that the time the tools stay in the device is very short and in combination with the micro-crystals, the negative effect that the temperature can have on the sharpness of the tools is reduced

Way of use

First of all, make sure that the instruments to be sterilized are clean and free of debris, dry them and if there are more than one, make sure that they do not come into contact with each other during the sterilization phase.
Drop the quartz spheres into the sterilizer.
Switch on the device and wait for the sterilization temperature to be reached (the LED is red at this stage). To speed up heating, keep the lid closed.
The green led will light up to indicate that the sterilization temperature has been reached (about 250 degrees Celsius), insert the instruments and wait about 20, 30 seconds. Remove the tools with some tweezers or a protective glove to avoid burns.
At the end turn off the device using the appropriate button.
Quartz microspheres tend to deteriorate with use. In case of daily use, replace them every 3-4 months.


Operating voltage 220-230V 50Hz

Power 100Watt

Weight 0.870kg

Dimensions 180x176x176mm


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